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Body, Soul and Spirit

This is a sermon preached by Pastor Ronnie Hatcher of Lakewood Church of God, Florida on 14th April, 2013 at Dar Calvary Temple.

From the book of Genesis 1:26, the Bible speaks about when God spoke 2 words, IMAGE and LIKENESS, Now Image has to do with the look of God, but LIKENESS has to do with the functionality of GOD. Hence when God made mad, he impacted him with both image and the actual Godly function. Man has two major parts according to the book of Genesis 2:7, these are dust and Spirit of God. For am Living Creature to be complete, he must have both, dust and Spirit of God.

Few things to note: Being of His spirit, God gives us inspiration and hence give us the power of recreation; Being of Spirit, we may now fellowship with Him as He is of Spirit; Gommunion of Hoy Spirit gives us Gifts. Our Spirit came out of God, Its like God's Spirit, never sleep, never gets tired, runs wide open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Now, our fresh controls mind, and the core mind is different from God. We are in continuous pressure, our dirty always want the things of the dirty while spirit wants holiness. When our fresh needs something, it did not ask where it comes from, all it cares it that it gets it. While our Spirit if of God and God is righteous, hence forces our mind to do everything with accordance to righteousness, even if it means to loose or miss something for fresh.

Now the Bible speaks to Spirit (Our spirits), It feeds our Spirits, If our spirits are close to God all time, and our spirit are functioning in 24 hours then we must be pretty smart. The only problem is that we always disconnect from God's Spirit. We always rebel against God, and that is the reason why it is even hard to live according to the ways of God. God is our source, our spirits feeds from only one source, if we refuse to feed our spirits from the only source we have then our spirits will die, and guess who will win in that situation? Obvious, its the fresh.

John 7: 37, the Holy Bible speaks on the Rivers of Living Water, on the last day of the feast, a wonderful call was revealed. Jesus said "if you are thirsty all you have to do is GO to HIM and DRINK"; Powerful words there. Now the verse gets even interesting, Jesus says "Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, 'Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water'". We must transition from Soul thinking to Spirit thinking. The communion of Holy Spirit, is inside man, where my spirit and holly spirit meets.

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